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Do you have bats in house?

Then let’s just cut to the chase:  You want to hire the best bat exclusion company with the best warranty to remove your bat infestation.

How do you do that?

I think the answer is simple, you hire me!

But why hire me and not someone else?

  • First of all: Trust. Hundreds of local families, many large and small companies, and huge organizations hire me as their bat exterminator and trust me to remove bats from their homes and businesses because I get results.  I also currently consult for many regional and national companies as well as universities and local governments about their bat problems and how to perform their bat control internally. Also – why hire someone that we trained to do bat exclusions but at a higher price than us? and without a guarantee?
  • Second, We have great customer service.  When you call us for bat problems you talk to me.  In other words you talk to the owner, not a secretary, not a technician, but myself.  That means you’re talking to a guy who is the consultant for other local pest companies on how to do their bat exclusions. I also remove bat infestations from a lot of the larger institutions in the Rochester NY area as well.
  • Third,  Our prices are very competitive! You will pay a lot less than some of the lesser qualified companies out there charge.
  • The Fourth reason is the biggest no brainer.  Upon inspection of the bat infestation we give you a price and a guarantee on our work for a set number of years.  What this means for you is that you will be bat free! This also means you’ve hired one of the more experienced bat removal companies in Upstate NY!   No gimmicks just honest assessment of your home or business so you can make an educated decision on what you need to do about the bats in house.

So what in the world are you waiting for?


Residential Bat Work

Commercial Bat Work

We specialize in ice rinks and large enclosed spaces

If you do have a bat in house, what to do:

  • Whatever you do don’t release it.  The bat should be tested.  If you can-> capture the bat. Or isolate the bat in the attic or the chimney or wherever and have us come and retrieve him.   The bat should be tested to see if it is rabid  if any kind of exposure to humans or animals has taken place.
  • We’ll give you a fair assessment while we’re their on how the bat got in and if you have a bat colony living in your home or if it is an isolated experience.
  • Honestly young bats fly into homes in August with a certain amount of regularity simply because their learning to fly and just simply get into trouble and end up trapped in your home.
  • So what are you waiting for?  We inspect in Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Ontario, Wyoming, Steuben, Allegheny, and pretty much any county we can get to in an hour and a half.
Call Shane (that’s right you get the owner) at 585-771-0822.  Even if it’s just a quick question – I have time for you.  Honestly, no question is to big or small.
If I don’t have the answer Upstate NY I’ll find it for you and call you back!

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