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Warehouses, Rooftops, Loading Docks, Large Overhangs, Malls, Airports, and Stadiums, JacopilleBornheimer can solve most complex bird problems.

Pigeon Problem Bird Droppings and Disease

Bird Droppings release infectious spores into the air. Bird-transmitted diseases include histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, blastomycosis, salmonellosis, paratyphoid fever, viral meningitis, and encephalitis. If you have a Bird dropping issue contact US at 585-771-0822.

Bird droppings are acidic and can cause paint to dissolve, erosion of metal, and concrete and stonework to crumble.

Bird nests can clog water runoff systems causing backup and costly structural damage. They can also clog ventilation systems and cause a Fire risk.

Subcontracting Available:

If you’re a Contractor and have a complex bird problem causing delays in construction or if Bird proofing a building needs to be part of the architecture, call JacopilleBornheimer. We specialize in solutions for pre-existing and new construction consultation and implementation. Better yet you can earn a commission sub-contracting with us!



Physical deterrents are the most common and most effective. They place a physical barrier between bird and area they are utilizing. They include Bird spikes, bird netting, bird slides (these prevent landing), bird spiders, Gull wire, etc.

Visual and Auditory

Though less effective, these are great to add with physical deterrents or in areas like ponds and open air problems unable to be solved any other way.

Visual and auditory deterrents include auditory speakers that often send out bird distress calls, and beacon type lights that make geese feel unsafe in pond situations.


This solution is reserved mostly for pigeons and warehouses where no better solution is available. Sometimes the best solution is the removal of the pigeons from an area.

This is often done with other deterrents already in place and as a last resort when no other method works.

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