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Fall is coming and the squirrels are moving in!  Before you call anyone else give us a call.  We started on squirrel jobs 10 years ago and have learned a lot about our squirrels and what works and doesn’t to get them out and more importantly keep them out.  Because of this we warranty at least some of our work.

“If we can fix the whole problem, we’ll warranty and guarantee you a squirrel free home! How great is that?”

We’ll give you a fair assessment of what it would cost over the phone.  Then if need be we’ll meet with you to give a guaranteed price.  One thing I’ll be honest about here in Rochester NY, and honestly all of the urban squirrels in Western NY. The squirrel population is plentiful.  By plentiful I mean there’s no place for them to live except eventually in your home.  So the procedures to remove them and keep them out sometimes become extreme.  Trees may need to be trimmed, fascia replaced, holes of course patched, and other deterrents installed.  The good news for you is we can do it all! That and we warranty, I mean who does that with squirrels crazy, right?  In other words if you follow our recommendations you’ll be squirrel free for a set number of years it’s that simple!

“There are several companies out there that warranty the hole they patch up and then when the squirrel chews a new hole next to it, or in a new spot, you’re not under their warranty! So watch out!”

If you follow our recommendations you get our warranty.  Simple as that. When we warranty the work we stand by it your our customer and we want not only to ensure you’re well taken care of, but that you’ll tell your neighbor, your friends, your family, and your boss to use JacopilleBornheimer.

All of this is typical of Grey squirrel activity in urban and suburban western New York; Rochester NY in particular.  Some of this pertains to rural areas, usually they are a unique mix of things honestly.

“You can literally save yourself a couple hundred dollars by dealing with the problem early on.”

The newer and greater problem in Suburban and rural New York is red squirrels.  These guys pose a very real and often difficult problem.  Red squirrels have a knack for leaving traps bait less with no squirrel in the trap.  Red squirrels also can avoid traps in areas where they are well established.  Anything new to the area becomes a risk to them.  So, what you need to do is get rid of them as soon as you discover their presence in your home.  Simply call when the problem first arises.  This way the job gets done sooner and the less time we have to put in to a job the more inexpensive it will be.

JacopilleBornheimer is your professional choice for Squirrel removal and repairs. 

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