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“Hey! There’s a hole under my shed!”  Here at JacopilleBornheimer Wildlife we’ve heard it before. Chances are it’s a woodchuck.  Because of urban sprawl and the increased number of coyote and fox Rochester NY Woodchuck removal has become one of our most common jobs.  Woodchuck trapping in Rochester NY has been our staple since the idea came into Shane’s head to do Wildlife removal in Rochester NY.  Woodchucks are a rodent and on top of being phenomenal diggers will chew.  Back in 2009 Shane did a Woodchuck removal job in Fairport NY where the woodchuck chewed the thermostat wire to the central air unit so he could have a hole under the concrete slab the unit was sitting on. Rochester NY Woodchuck removal has become so common 13 WHAM did a documentary on it several years ago.  Another problem common to woodchuck habitation is your beautiful flower beds get trimmed before they flower.
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We now offer Exclusion work to all our customers.  What’s that mean?  Well, if you had us get rid of the problem under your shed, house, barn, or florida room. We offer a way to seal up and stop future infestations.  This is a good idea especially because woodchuck holes often become skunk or crazier yet fox dens.
If this happens obviously the problem becomes even more complex.  Our hope is that you allow us to at least show you what to do so as to not have a future problem equal to or greater than the original one.

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